Orientation to attract investment

Orientation to attract investment

Haiphong city continues to determine that foreign direct investment (FDI) plays an important role in promoting economic restructuring, renewing the growth model of the city towards green city, sustainable development as indicated in the Conclusion No. 72-KL/TW by the Politburo on further promoting the implementation of Resolution No. 32-NQ / TW of the Politburo of the IXth Congress on “Building and developing Haiphong city in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country”. Decision No. 216 / QD-UBND dated 02/2/2017 of the People’s Committee of Haiphong City on approval the investment promotion plan of the city for the period 2016-2020, orientation to attract investment of the city is defined as follows:

To attract investment by sectors

Attract foreign investment oriented and selective in key areas: high technology; supporting industry; renewable energy, clean energy; infrastructure development and human resource development; processing agricultural products, developing disadvantaged areas, agriculture and rural areas; saving and efficient use of resources, energy saving; high value-added services; sectors with high export values; significant sectors of social welfares (health care and treatment, pharmaceutical and vaccines, biologicals), ensuring the environment and national security, etc. Combining FDI attraction with sources of domestic of enterprises that keep the role of “satellite”.

– Regarding to infrastructure construction: To encourage investment in the development of infrastructures of industrial parks, economic zone, seaports and port logistics services in various forms such as BOT, BT, PPP; To develop four trade infrastructure groups: export and import infrastructure, wholesale and retail infrastructure and fair and exhibition center.

– Regarding to tourism, services and trade: To concentrate on promotion of infrastructure development projects: eco-tourism resorts, high-grade resorts, 5-star hotels, golf courses, amusement parks , shopping centres.

– Regarding to agriculture: To attract investment in agricultural development in the trend of modernization, efficiency and sustainability. To prioritize attraction of investment in hi-tech production in association with assurance of food safety standards and conditions To invest in preserving and processing agricultural and aquatic products for domestic consumption and export, thus raising the added value.

– Regarding to the development of supporting industries: To concentrate on developing supporting industries in three main fields: spare parts, supporting industries in the textile and garment industry and support for high technologies (according to the Decision No. 9028 / QD-BCT dated 08/10/2014 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on approving the master plan on development of supporting industries up to 2020 with a vision to 2030).

Orientation to attract investment by partners

To attract large-scale projects, highly competitive products, join the global value chain of trans-national corporations from Korea, Japan, EU, etc, creating a prerequisite for attracting supporting industry projects.

To renovate investment promotion in the direction of diversifying modes of promotion, mechanisms to support, create environment and favorable conditions for all economic sectors and people to promote all potential to develop the self-promotion activities to attract investment, international cooperation, joint venture and association of enterprises and organizations in the city (irrespective of state or private ownership).

(See Decision No. 216 / QD-UBND dated 02/02/2017 by People’s Committee of Haiphong city)

Source: Haiphong Department of Planning and Investment