Giving priority to land-fund for logistics infrastructure

Integration and development are opportunities and challenges for Vietnam Logistics in general and Haiphong logistics in particular. This requires Haiphong to further improve its competitiveness in new period. With role as “infrastructure service” of economy, logistics not only brings about national benefits, but also plays an important role in economic growth and restructure.

In order to become the national modern logistics center with high competitiveness, Haiphong should give priority to land-fund for logistics infrastructures, creating a foundation of building logistics centers which effectively connect to the city’s 5 forms of transport.

An active logistic center should be located at connecting-points with means of transport and planed in the vision of 50 years, especially 100 years.

Professor Đặng Đình Đào, former director of Economic Development Institute, National Economics University:

Along with priority to land-fund for logistics infrastructures, Haiphong should have proper policies on investing and developing logistic information technology infrastructures, effectively apply Global Positioning System – GPS in the region as well as other software apps. This is a basic foundation for Haiphong international seaport and the city’s logistics chain to be in the researching list of global container management system./.