1. Haiphong Power One member Co.,ltd has associated with Haiphong Portal to hold an online dialogue with the theme ” solutions for strengthening noncash payment in electric fees”.

Paying electric fees via banks has become popular. It is the essential development tendency of modern society. Haiphong Power One member Co.,ltd has cooperated with 9  banks and 4 intermediate organizations to collect fees with a wide range of services such as collecting fees at the transaction office, via ATM, internet Banking, Mobile Banking or automobile payment from accounts. By the end of June, there are more than 231,500 receipts of electric payment via banks and intermediate organizations, making up over 48% of the total receipts and increasing by more than 8.4% over December last year. It is forecast that 70% of customers will use noncash electric fee payment by the end of this year. Haiphong leaders assigned the Department of Finance to associate with Haiphong Power One Member Co.,ltd to give instructions to agencies, enterprises and residents in an effort to strengthen noncash payment in paying electric fees.