With visible advantages, the fields of seaport, logistics and industrial zones of Haiphong now have great attraction to foreign investors. Now, investors from Asia are pouring more investment capital to Haiphong and deploying large-scaled projects in the field of warehouses and yards  in the city.

By the end of March, Korean enterprises had had 182 projects in Haiphong with the total investment value of over USD 6.7 billion. Those from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong had 226 projects with the total investment value of USD 2.6 billion. Economic experts say Haiphong has great advantages in Lach Huyen seaport system that is capable of receiving DWT 100,000 cargo vessels, facilitating enterprises and exporters to save transport expense. Moreover, the city has favorable investment climate, good incentives for foreign investors. Thus, now it’s  good time for investors to study about the city’s potential and advantages to invest in industrial zones under Dinh Vu- Cat Hai economic zones and other potential fields of Haiphong./.