In response to the World Ocean Day, the World Environment Day, the World Bio-Diversity Day, the National Week for Clean Water and Environment Sanitation, this morning, Ngo Quyen district held a meeting to kick off the Action Month for Environment 2019.

According to the UN reports, around 7 million people die young every year due to the air and water pollution, 4 million of whom live in the Asia-Pacific. The air pollution adversely impacts the human’s health and economic growth with the estimated loss of USD 5,000 billion every year.  To step by step remove this problem, the UN Environment Program has named the program “Air Pollution” to respond to the World Environment Day 2019 to call for nations all around the world to take actions to improve the air quality. Ngo Quyen district has taken a range of active programs for many years now to reduce the dust pollution and forge ahead to cleaner production and sustainable development./.