The Organizing Board of Haiphong Technical Innovation Competition held a ceremony to sum up activities and award prizes for the second time in 2019.

Haiphong Technical Innovation Competition was attended by Mr. Le Khac Nam – Vice Chairman of Haiphong People’s Committee, Ph.D Nghiem Vu Khai – National Assembly deputy, Vice Chairman of Haiphong Science and Technology Associations Union together with representatives of sectors and branches. The event lured the entries of 70 technical innovation works and solutions of collectives and individuals with 4 first, 5 second, 12 third and 15 consolidation prizes handed to 36 authors and author groups in 6 locations as electronic and informatics technologies, communications, automation, construction, transport, materials, chemicals, energy, agro-forestry and aquaculture, natural resources and environment, medicine and pharmacy, education an training.

Delivering his speech at the awarding ceremony, Vice Chairman of Haiphong People’s Committee Le Khac Nam acknowledged the efforts of the Haiphong Science and Technology Associations Union in boosting and encouraging the scientific research movement in the city area…Vice Chairman Le Khac Nam asserted that the requirement for development of Haiphong is appealing the active contribution of scientists, works and solutions for the daily life, production and business. In this direction, Haiphong will continue paying due attention to renovating the research and scientific innovation./.