Mechanisms and polocies on FDI attraction and disbursement till 2030 completed

On Friday morning, Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue, Member of Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of the Steering Board for Project “Orientating the completion of mechanisms and policies, improving the quality and efficiency of luring and using FDI capital till 2030” together with the task force of the Steering Board conducted a survey in Haiphong  city to study about the status of foreign investment attraction, advantages and disadvantages and local recommendations to the completion of the Project.

Delivering his speech at the working session, Deputy PM Vuong Dinh Hue asserted that in the context the country is on the way of deeply integrating into the world’s economy and the huge impacts of the world’s leading economies, the structure and shift of foreign investment capital is changing. FDI capital is making up from 13.6-14% to the state budget collection, and nearly 20% to GDP. So, the survey not only helps localities finalize the policies and mechanisms on luring and using FDI capital till 2030, but also serves as a fundament to be submitted to the Politburo to promulgate a specialized resolution on foreign investment. Deputy PM asked the delegates to scrutinize issues relating to mechanisms, policies, laws and reality in management in the process of luring and managing the foreign investment in Haiphong.

Reports of the Chairman of Haiphong People’s Committee Nguyen Van Tung at the working session emphasized that the city agreed and placed high value on the project’s contents. In face with the increasing demand for science and technology, labor productivity, land use efficiency and environment protection, Haiphong city figured out its viewpoint on FDI capital attraction in which will not lure investment at any cost but attach to the locality’s advantages to serve the common development as well as upholding the advantages of the region./.