For FDI enterprises, how to select the high-quality workforce is always the most concerned issue. This factor is identified as the key to help the enterprises make use of the advantages, contributing to their sustainable development.

Being an FDI enterprise of South Korea engaging in the location of feathered velvet toys for export in Haiphong for over 10 years, the eye-catching products of Minh Thanh garment company have been exported to the fierce markets as Disneyland and shops all over the world. Almost products of the company are manually made. This requires the sophistication in the sewing process. Different from the other manager, in Minh Thanh company, it’s not difficult to catch the sight in which the director is attentively instructing the workers.

Mr. Kim So Young – Production director, Minh Thanh Co., Ltd

Making stuffed animal toys is difficult, especially when our company is working with Disney, so requirements and regulations are stiff with various articles. My mission is to impart the orders of counterparts to the workers. Every day, I come to the workshops first, point out the errors of products and give them instructions, develop their skills. Usually, workers stay the same place all day round and do not know the mistakes, so I come to instruct them. They learn very fast.

Doosan Vina is another FDI enterprise of South Korea which has been operational in Haiphong for 20 years. Doosan Vina always defines workers as the center, the huge assets, and also the advantage for competitiveness. The company’s managing board has always paid special attention to fostering and developing the skills for workers, applied supporting policies for the staff to develop via training courses. Especially, the managing board has placed high value on the English learning of workers as English is a global language, an important communications tool between the Vietnamese staff and leaders of South Korea.

With 20 years of operation in Haiphong, Doosan Vina company always focuses on cultivating and developing skills for its working staffs through treatment policies and training courses. Especially, the company also pays attention to English learning for Vietnamese employees to improve their ability of communicating with South Korean leaders.

Mrs. Hoa Thi Hong Nhung, Personnel Department of Doosan Co.,: “Doosan Company always focuses on cultivating and developing skills for employees, especially English. Here, we have many English learning programmes and training courses. TOEIC winners will receive bonus every month, one of conditions to increase their salary”.

FDI companies define individual success will further contribute to the company’s growth. Accordingly, companies will continue to facilitate their employees to develop. Discovering and cultivating local high quality human resources are priority of FDI companies./.