In the past few weeks, when the pandemic has been basically under control in Vietnam, the country’s social, economic condition has been stabilized. Continuing to make Vietnam a safe, friendly and inviting destination according to the direction of the government Prime Minister is the target that many localities including Haiphong, are trying to fulfill.

Along with boosting local investment, social, economic development, the country needs to be ready for opening its door for integration. The country now need to not just focus on economy, but also political, diplomatic relations, particularly with nations which are recording sharp reduction in pandemic infections, become a safe and friendly destination of foreign friends. Resuming the old pace of life, professions, fields, service, tourism, local aviation… are great boosts for the recovery of the country’s economy after the pandemic.

Taking full use of the potential and advantages of the locality, particularly in sea tourism, with a series of works being inaugurated and put into operation in the recent time such as M’Gallery Cat Ba, Flamingo Cat Ba Beach resort, artificial beach of Doi Rong international resort, Cat Hai- Phu Long cable car line….Haiphong is promisingly becoming one of the inviting tourist destinations in this summer vacation and will be the highlight of the non-smoke industry in Vietnam’s tourism map in the coming time.