On Tuesday morning, Haiphong Agricultural Promotion Center coordinated with the Food Safety and Nutrition Institute under the Vietnam Science and Technology Associations Union to hold the conference to apply VFSC software into production, business and origin tracing for agricultural promotion cadres, farm owners, production households and farmers from localities across the city.

VFSC is a management software of food safety chain, which has been put into trial since 2018 and officially used in 2019. Haiphong is the first locality employing this software across the country. The application of VFSC will help to publicize the farm products, from production to business, enable the state management agencies to grasp the estimated output of every item line, the use of farming materials in production, quality management and certification of the entire production process, and especially trace the origins of products. VFSC software will be deployed right after the conference for 3 item lines of fisheries, cultivation and husbandry, and bonsais will be added later./.