Tam Bac river renovation project: Completing works, assuring the quality, techniques and aesthetics according to the approved design

(Haiphong.gov.vn) – In the morning of April 30, Permanent Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee – Nguyen Xuan Binh, together with leaders of related departments, agencies and localities, checked the implementation progress and acceptance of the Investment project to renovate Tam Bac river (section from Lac Long bridge to Tam Bac park).

Permanent Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Binh of the City Peoples Committee conducted on-site inspection at the Project.

Inspecting on-site at the project construction, Permanent Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Binh emphasized that, this was a key project of the city with the goal of creating architectural accents, contributing to adorn the green – clean – beautiful, modern and civilized central strip of the city, meeting the needs of tourism development, perfecting the axis of green space, water surface, climate control for the city… supported by a large majority of the city’s people.

By this time, the items of the Project have been basically completed, Hong Bang district and the contractors are trying and actively embellishing and completing the renovation and embankment of the two sides of the Tam Bac River, progressing to form a walking street to serve residents and visitors.

The Permanent Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee requested Hong Bang District to coordinate closely with the consulting, designing, supervising agencies, contractors, related departments and branches to review and re-examine the all the work items under the project, continue to perfect the work with absolute assurance on quality, technique, aesthetics and safety, avoiding errors.

The Department of Construction was assigned to coordinate with the Departments of Transport, Information and Communications and the Office of the City People’s Committee to inspect and appraise each work item of the Project and report to the City People’s Committee on May 2, 2019.

Regarding the preparation for the project’s inauguration, the Permanent Vice Chairman suggested Hong Bang District to lead the coordination with agencies and functional units to ensure environmental sanitation and order and security on roads and sidewalks under the Project; to prepare thoughtfully the Inauguration ceremony thriftily and practically, creating excitement and approval among the people; at the same time, having plans to synchronously operate and use works to promote socio-economic efficiency.

According report from Hong Bang district, for Tam Bac river renovation project, the construction packages have reached over 90% of the volume, the contractors have completed the dredging of the river bed; for the construction of The Lu route, Tam Bac road has seen completion of the technical infrastructure of waste water drainage route, installation of cable conduits, water supply lines, tree planting; the lighting power is being actively implemented and completed. The construction of embankments along Tam Bac and The Lu roads has also seen completion of the items of pile installation, connection of roads, box culverts, and wharf areas; completing the infrastructure of all resettlement lots, roadbed construction, curb installation, sidewalk concreting