The number of CBU autos imported to Vietnam is surging, mainly focusing on 2 ports of Haiphong and HCMC.

According to the statistics of the General Department of Customs, in June, the number of imported CBU autos was over 10,540, equivalent to USD 254 million. 7,000 are autos having 9 seats and under. In June, nearly 3,650 autos were registered for customs clearance in HCMC port and over 3,400 in Haiphong port. These 2 ports accounted for 99.7% of total imported autos having 9 seats and under in June. Trucks of all kinds registered for import declarations mainly at Haiphong port with  about 1,400 vehicles, up over 13% over the previous month, HCMC port with over 1,100 vehicles, up nearly 76% . By June, Vietnam had imported nearly 75,500 CBU autos, which is 6 times higher than the same period.