(Data updated to 31 October 2017)


Sea level


Average temperature


Annual rainfall


0.7-1.7m above sea-level





Administration division 7 urban districts

8 rural districts (included 2 island districts: Cathai and Bachlongvi)

Population Population: 1.908 million

Labour force: 1.18 million

Trained labour: 75%

Urban population: 46.8%

GRDP 5.62 billion USD
GRDP growth rate 10.17%
GRDP per capita 2,857 USD
GRDP structure Industry – Construction: 37.84%

Services: 54.53%.

Agriculture – Forestry – Aquaculture: 7.63%

Cargo throughputs 92 million tons
No. of FDI projects 469
Total registered investment capital 14.52 billion USD

GRDP of 2017 (comparision price with 2010) was estimated at 119,698.9 billion VND, rising by 14.01% over the same period and equal to 125-130% of the year plan, of which:  Agriculture – Forestry – Aquaculture equal to 129.2%; Industry – Construction equal to 199.4%; Services equal to 111%. GRDP per capita based on present price was estimated at 3,770 USD, met the year plan.

IIP of 2017 increased 21.6% over the same period and over the year plan (in year plan: increase 17.5-18.5%).

Cargo throughput was estimated at 92.05 million tons, rising by 16.67% over the same period and met the year plan (in year plan: 92 million tons).

Value of agriculture, forestry, aquaculture products was estimated at 14,513.2 billion VND, rising by 2.93% over the same period and over the year plan (in year plan: 1.35-1.46%), of which values of agriculture, forestry and aquaculture corretively up 1.47%, 16.94% and 6.74%.

Total arrivals to Haiphong were estimated at 6.706 million, rising by 12.45% over the same period, equal to 100.1% of the year plan, of which international arrivals reached 811 thousand, up 8.37% over the same period.

State budget revenue in the whole city in 2017 was estimated at 66,863.94 billion VND, up 12.52% over the same period, of which customs revenue was 42,500 billion VND; local budget revenue was 24,363.94 billion VND, up 26.89 % (including domestic revenue of 21.500 billion VND, up 26.2% , equal to 100% of the year estimate, up 31.8%)

Total investment capital: 67,853 billion VND, up 20.34% over the same period, equal to 105% of the plan.

Source: Haiphong Department of Planning and Investment