Haiphong Department of Transport has announced the decision of Haiphong People’s Committee on ratifying the planning of logistics and inland waterway ports development by 2025, orientations by 2030.

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According to the plan,Haiphongwill build up a synchronous logistics infrastructure to meet the customers’ demand for import and export. In detail,Haiphonglogistics will develop by 30%-35%/year. Logistics centers handle 50% -60% of the total shipping cargoes. By 2030, logistics make up 25% -30% of the city’s budget revenue. Newly-built logistics center will handle 60%-70% of the total cargoes.

The planning expects that by 2020, 19.44 million tons of goods will be loaded and uploaded, and about 8.67 million to 9.21 million passengers atHaiphonginland waterway ports. By 2025, 27.43 million – 32.45 million tons of goods will be loaded and about 9.65 million -11.57 million passengers will be served. By 2030, 36.16 million -43.84 million tons of goods and about 10.76 million -13.4 million passengers will be served at the ports.