Thanks to great concerns from the central government, over the past years, Haiphong traffic infrastructures have been invested and built comprehensively, contributed to boosting not only the city’s socio-economic development, but also the Northern Vietnam key economic region.

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Specific feature of Haiphong’s traffic is one of main contents in meeting on the Northern Vietnam key economic region’s strategies held in Hung Yen province. The meeting confirmed traffic convergence as an outstanding advantage not only of Haiphong, but also of the Northern Vietnam key economic region to other economic region across the country.

Lach Huyen deep-water port is one of important gateways of Haiphong. This port is connected with comprehensive and modern traffic network to adjacent provinces and cities, contributed to helping Haiphong develop business activities and confirming the city’s position as an ints viewpoint of Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The is similar to Haiphong’s urban space development policy with three strategic directions. Comprehensive and modern traffic system not only boost trade activities between Haiphong and other provinces and cities, but also creates more opportunities for the city to cooperate, increase import and export, attract investment as well as creating driving force the Northern Vietnam key economic region.

egration center in the Northern region.

Traffic network paves the way for development. ThiAs the role of economic and political integration center, Haiphong is holding great responsibility of the Politburo in line with resolution No. 45. This is a foundation for Haiphong to continue develop in middle and long term./.