On Tuesday morning, Haiphong Tan Cang International Container Terminal successfully received Wan Hai 805 mother vessel with the loading capacity of nearly 12,000 TEUs and tonnage of 132,000 DWT. This 330 meter-long vessel is jointly operated by Wan Hai, Cosco and PIL shipping agents and regularly handles cargoes at Haiphong international container terminal HICT. It operates on the service sea route of CP1/ SEA/ AC5 which connects the North of Vietnam directly to the Western coast of the United States.

This new service route shortens the transporting time from 25 days to 19 days as before. The successful reception of Wan Hai 805 vessel has affirmed Haiphong ports’ capability of receiving large tonnage vessels and affirmed HICT’s position in the field of exploiting container terminals in the area.. This marked the development of the container transporting service on sea route directly from northern Vietnam, particularly HICT to ports in Europe and the US without transiting at other ports. Now, HICT is receiving 6 service routes each week. 2 service routes are transpacific ocean, 2 to India and other 2 to Asian countries. In the coming time, HICT will improve service quality to receive big mother vessels to connect Vietnam with continents in the world.  It will also receive domestic ships and connect with internal waterway transport routes to link the north, central region and south of Vietnam, making HICT a big deep water port in Vietnam and the world./.