According to the latest statistics of Haiphong Statistic Bureau, by now, Haiphong has a total of 720 projects are still valid. The aggregate investment capital is worth more than US$ 18,199 million, the charter capital is more than US$ 6,642 million; the capital of Vietnam costs US$ 243 million and that of foreign firms is more than US$ 6,399 million. Since the beginning of the year to mid May, Haiphong has 29 newly-licensed projects with the capital of US$ 124.66 million and 10 projects adjusted for capital increase with the value of US$ 298.95 million. The newly-licensed and increased-capital projects are mainly in the location of processing and manufacturing industry. Three projects are poured with increased capital of US$ 183.91 million, in which Regina Miracle International project increased US$ 140 million, and the remainder has smaller charter capital with modest investment capital. 8 projects have been halted, 5 of which are located outside the industrial park and 3 others are inside./.