Tan Vu Port is the major unit of Haiphong Port, member of Vietnam Maritime Corporation VIMC. Implementing the guideline of VIMC in boosting IT application in production and business, improving the service quality, over the past time, Haiphong Port has constantly upgraded and built advanced IT to meet the demand of shipping lines and customers at this area.

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Haiphong Port JSC., is employing the Terminal Operating System in managing production at Tan Vu port. In early 2018, TOS successfully connected to the inspection and supervision system over import-export cargoes at the warehouses of Haiphong port on the e-customs system. Since then, cargoes at the seaport areas have been taken under control of customs supervision system. Alongside, the company is upgrading the service eDO and using ePort instead of papers to improve the service of shipping lines and ports.

At present, Tan Vu port has a total of 5 wharves at the total length of more than 980m, raised the capacity of vessels to 40,000 tons, the most advanced stevedoring devices in Dinh Vu –Haiphong peninsular. With the modern infrastructure, devices and IT, the leading operation and business process in the Northern ports of Vietnam, Tan Vu is a spearhead destination and an important shelter of Haiphong Port JSC.,./.