Developing logistics services in Hai Phong: Improving competitiveness and promoting regional connection

( – In the morning of July 12, at the City Conference Center, Comrade Tran Tuan Anh, Member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Industry and Trade and Comrade Nguyen Van Tung, Deputy Secretary of the City Party Committee, Chairman of the City People’s Committee co-chaired the Conference on “Developing logistics services in Hai Phong – improving competitiveness and promoting regional connection”. Participating were Comrade Le Khac Nam, Member of the Standing Committee of City Party Committee, Vice Chairman of City People’s Committee; Pham Van Moi, Member of Standing Committee of City Party Committee, Head of Management Board of Hai Phong Economic Park; Bui Duc Quang, Vice Chairman of City People’s Council; Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Chairman of City People’s Committee and more than 300 delegates from Central Ministries, branches, localities, cities and businesses nationwide.

Leaders of Ministry of Industry and Trade and leaders of Hai Phong city witnessed the signing ceremony for logistics agreements

Speaking at the conference’s opening, Chairman of the City People’s Committee – Nguyen Van Tung emphasized that in recent years, Hai Phong has been a bright spot of the whole country on socio-economic development with a strong and breakout growth rate. Along with that, Hai Phong is also full of elements to develop logistics services. In particular, Resolution 45 of the Politburo on construction and development of Hai Phong city up to 2030, with vision to 2045 has identified that: Hai Phong is a leading city in the process of industrialization and modernization; is the development driving force of the Northern region and the whole country; is a key area for logistics services.

At the Conference, delegates presented, exchanged and discussed solutions to attract investment in developing logistics infrastructure and resolving difficulties, obstacles, and creating incentives to improve competitiveness and connection efficiency to turn Hai Phong into a regional logistics hub; focusing on: urgent issues in developing logistics services in Vietnam; the status of operation and development of Hai Phong’s logistics system, solutions to attract investment and resolve difficulties to turn Hai Phong into a regional logistics hub; developing Hai Phong logistics service as a driving force for regional economic development; the role of Hai Phong in regional connection and supporting localities in logistics; improving logistics efficiency, promoting connection with shippers; developing port and shipping services, expanding logistics services…
Speaking at the Conference, Minister of Industry and Trade – Tran Tuan Anh affirmed that Hai Phong was the driving force and a leader in the economic development of the North. With the largest flow of import/export goods in the North, the city combines many favorable factors to become an important logistics service center of the country. With Hai Phong international gateway port with modern loading and unloading equipment being put into operation, along with synchronous transport infrastructure, in accordance with the mode of international commercial transport, Hai Phong will become an important base in the chain of connection and development of global logistics services. The conference helped Hai Phong assess and realize the role of logistics services in the city’s socio-economic development, in order to promote Hai Phong’s strategic position and enhance the role of logistics services in the structure of socio-economic development, strengthening connection, supporting localities, businesses and creating spillovers in the region.