Construction project of apartment buildings HH3, HH4 Dong Quoc Binh: Strictly supervise and control the construction quality

(HPĐT) – This was the direction of Comrade Le Khac Nam, Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee at the inspection and supervision of construction quality of HH3 and HH4 apartment buildings in Dong Quoc Binh (Ngo Quyen district), the morning of July 19. Joining the inspection team were representatives of the leaders of departments of: Construction, Transport and related units, localities.

Comrade Le Khac Nam, Vice Chairman of the City Peoples Committee checked the construction quality of HH3 and HH4 apartment buildings in Dong Quoc Binh.
Photo: Ngoc Lan

Comrade Le Khac Nam highly appreciated efforts of investors and contractors in overcoming difficulties in construction, ensuring project progress. He emphasized that the project of building HH3 and HH4 apartments in Dong Quoc Binh was a key project of the city, having important implications for social security and enhancing urban appearance. Therefore, it was recommended that the investor and the contractors construct a detailed weekly progress chart; focusing on machinery, human resources, implementing construction measures to ensure the quality and progress of the project to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2019. During the construction process, pay attention to measures to ensure labor safety, traffic safety, environmental sanitation, minimize impacts on surrounding areas. The Department of Construction is responsible for closely monitoring and supervising the quality of input materials of the project, especially fire protection & fighting, elevator systems… Coordinating with the Department of Finance to review regulations of the Government and the Ministry of Finance to timely propose to the city solutions to solve problems in implementing BT contracts with the project investor.

Up to June 17, 2019, HH3 and HH4 apartment buildings’ entire body structure has been completed, the work has begun to be finished. The construction work volume reached 59 %. The project is expected to be completed in November, handed over and put into use before Lunar New Year 2020.