Construction investment project of Binh bridge’s Southern intersection: An Duong district needs to accelerate the clearance process

( – In the afternoon of July 10, Permanent Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee – Nguyen Xuan Binh and leaders of related departments, agencies, units and localities met at the construction site of the Southern intersection of Binh bridge to check the progress of the Project.

Permanent Vice Chairman of City Peoples Committee Nguyen Xuan Binh checking at the construction site of the Project.

According to report, up to this point, the contractors have constructed the items of underpass, overpass of branches with a cumulative total volume of nearly 39%; with regards to the clearance process, the total area of the site that has been handed over to Hong Bang District is 75.28%; An Duong district is 59.76%. The Permanent Vice Chairman noted that although the clearance for the project is currently behind schedule and not meeting the requirements set out due to price calculation of resettlement land, but Hong Bang district has seen some progress, However, for An Duong district, the clearance process is still quite slow, affecting the overall progress of the project. In this regard, the Vice Chairman requests the Office of the City People’s Committee to review the responsibilities for and causes of delay to report to the City Party Committee and People’s Committee, at the same time requests the Departments of Natural Resources and Environment, Finance and Hong Bang district to urgently meet to resolve at once the specific land price.

For the proposal of the Project Management Board regarding adjusting and supplementing several work items, such as adjusting the rearrangement of the cross-section and the width of the sidewalk of Bach Dang route– the section in front of Vinhomes Imperia Urban Area; adjust the longitudinal design of the open tunnel section and the barrier in Bach Dang road’s side in accordance with the construction phase and design of the intersection angle with Gia Lam – Hai Phong railway crossing. The Permanent Vice Chairman assigned the Management Board, together with the Departments of Transport, Natural Resources and Environment, Construction, Hong Bang District to coordinate in the next 15 days to complete the procedural record to report to the City People’s Committee to review and decide.

Regarding the connection of the route with National Road 5, the Permanent Vice Chairman proposed the Department of Transport to complete procedures early with the Ministry of Transport to commence the Project of the route connecting from the Southern intersection of Binh bridge to the 4-way Ton Duc Thang – Mang Nuoc – National Road 5 intersection.

Permanent Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Binh also noted that, during the construction process, it is necessary to ensure absolute traffic safety, if splitting lanes is required to serve the construction, request the Department of Transport and the City Police Department to arrange to minimize the impact on traffic in the project area.  Besides, the Project Management Board and contractors must also have construction methods to quickly return the site, the Vice Chairman emphasized.