Launched since 2009, the campaign “Vietnamese people prioritize Vietnamese goods” has created active changes in awareness and behaviors of Vietnamese consumers.

Being a regular customer at the supermarkets, Ms. Thanh Mai in Cau Tre ward, Ngo Quyen district has always selected the locally-made brands for her family. Diversified in models and quality, stabilized prices are important factors to help Vietnamese goods to conquer the domestic consumers.

To bring Vietnamese goods closer to the domestic customers, supermarkets have boosted policies to increase the proportion of locally-made items to 90%, sternly inspected the input quality and stimulate the consumers. Particularly in 218, the consumption of Vietnamese goods in the city area has drastically increased, especially the food, necessary and apparel.

Vietnamese goods like this are being consumed more and more at supermarkets. This not only stems from the spreading power of the campaign but also the position of Vietnamese goods among the consumers./.